Monday, March 14, 2011

Parent Relationships

Im the foster mommy. The ones who cares for the children who are not with their biological mommy. You can see why it might be easy for the mommy to "hate" me. I have their children! It is also very easy for foster mommies like me to get very emotionally when we find out about what these children have gone through. So right there we can all plainly see how a relationship between foster and biological parents come off to a rocky start!!

I CHOOSE to meet the familes. I attend staffing meetings. I go to court. I have even dropped off children for a family visit. Right now I am blessed to have a talking relationship with the mother and father of my KinderA and Little T.

I want to show these children, right in front of them, that we communicate and even at times laugh! Its not about me. I'm sure mommy and daddy have to put aside a few emotions when they hear their baby call me mommy... But for their(child)sake we Both smile. We continue to allow the children to grow and feel safe.

I don't know what is going to happen with this current case. Do we ever, until the last minute?

Like I said the aforementioned relationship is blessed!! What kind of relationships have you had with familes?

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