Sunday, November 7, 2010


Foster parenting is a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. The problem is the abuse and neglect of sweet children across this country. I watch the news just like each and every one of you. I see movies. I know the general consensus of negativity towards foster homes. I am not naïve but I am trying my best to simply provide care for a child in need. Is it really that simple? Yes, for me it is.

The most recent information that I can find shows there are over 423,773 children in foster care. I find the most reliable information to be on the US dept. of Health and Human Services Website.

These children will be placed SOMEWHERE. If not in a healthy, happy, loving home then elsewhere, where only you can imagine. I have been blessed to reside in a residential facility as caregiver and am proud to say most caregivers try their best to provide a fabulous environment. Needless to say a group home is not a family. This topic is one for another day.

Each state has different laws and requirements for becoming a foster parent. It can be a long journey. The journey is worth it when you hold the tiny baby in your arms or take the teen to get her drivers license.

Imagine if you could take one child. What if 200,000 healthy families opened their homes this year? Helping to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect and allowing a place for healing to happen is a key part to foster parenting.

Who could you help heal? Could you help heal a family? Could you train a teen to be a productive citizen? Could you provide the nutrition that a child needs to be able to function and grow?

Thankfully, I am in a place here I get to see growth. Our home is not dead. Today, myself and my husband included, there are 9 people, learning, discovering and growing! Even if this is only a temporary haven for some, they have been shown how to love and how to live.

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