Thursday, November 25, 2010


There are many misconceptions one hears when discussing foster care. Some people have said they can’t handle teens. Some people think it is too invasive. Some people think it is the end of life as they know it. What do you think about foster care?

Have you heard the term “check-casher”? Do you think foster parents do it for the money? How do you feel when the foster system is portrayed negatively on your favorite Tv show?

Educate yourself. Call your local foster agency or the Dept of Children and Families for your state. Find someone knowledgeable and ask!

Are there BAD foster parents. Well, yes. Are there fabulous healthy homes for these abused children? Well, YES.

Here is a summary that I think changes a few misconceoptions.

As a prospective foster parent YOU can decide the age, race, gender, and levels of care of the children to be placed in your home. If you have small children, you can CHOOSE to have other similarly aged children in your home! Your biological children and foster children can share a room. As far as levels of care, you can increase to more specialized care such as medical foster care as you believe it is fitting for your family!

Is it invasive? Maybe, at times. There are social workers, and guardians, and therapists in and out of our home daily! But , we have 7 children. If you foster one, you will at least have monthly visits. Your childs social worker can help you with taking the child to dental appts and visits with biological parents.

There is Support for foster parents. You aren’t left out in the cold, with no resources.

Don’t assume, find answers to your questions!

Is the foster system flawless, by all means , NO.

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