Saturday, December 4, 2010

They are MINE

It is very easy for me to be "preachy" about things I am passionate about! I think most people can get up on their soap-box at times!

I get frustrated when individuals don't look at my foster children as my " real" children. "Oh, well its different for you, because they aren't your real kids,". Really, what does that mean? Do I feed them less? Do i only give them one hug a day?

Recently my Miss Sweet 16 was in a Saturday morning drug counselling session. They were all discussing how drug use has affected their relationships and trust with their parents. The instructor looked straight at my girl and said, " Although , I know it isn't the same for you because you are in foster care and your mom is paid to trust you."

I love these children with every bit of my heart! I worry about them! I cry over them. I struggle every bit with jealousy over their biological parents! Even if i have to say good bye one day, I will love them, care for them and call them "MINE".


  1. To love a child that has grown in your heart and not in your tummy, is just a true testimony of how powerful LOVE is. So often people judge others or hold onto false information. I have found that is because many just lack the self confidence it takes to love a child bought into this world by another. That has to change! As long as God entrusts me with each of His children..... THEY ARE MINE! May you find the confidence you need to make a difference to a child in foster care.....forever. Be blessed, Ms. Unique C.

  2. Those statements hurt my heart! Especially the one that instructor made to your 16 year old daughter...It seems to me that the instructor must have some past issues of her own that she is dealing with. These children are your children - no matter what anyone else says!