Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He reached for my hand

Last week two new boys came to our home. One is 6 and the other 3. Sweet children with a violent background. Within minutes the little 3 yr old was clinging to me and calling me mommy. He has been ever sense. He is very attached and does not want me out of his sight. Things were a little different with the 6 yr old. He really didn't want anything to do me. He told my daughter that this was not his house and that the toys were not his toys. I told him he was being so brave for being in this situation. I told him that he was safe. I would hug him, and be consistent with patting his head and shoulder the next day. I spoke kind words. I wanted to SHOW him he was safe.

For two days he would not look at me. His communication was limited.However, He bonded well with my son Michael. Then ,I drove him to elementary school. We filled out paper work, and waited. After walking him to his classroom we went inside and greeted the teacher. Just at that moment he reached for my hand! My heart jumped and I felt relief that he might be feeling safe with me!


  1. That is so touching. You are providing a safe haven.

  2. Precious! You have such a special way of dealing with these lost, hurting, scared children. What a wonderful gift God has given you. I pray that God continues to send you the children that need someone like you to offer their hand to hold, home to live, and love to share!

  3. Some are harder to break than others but with your heart, they have no choice.
    Be blessed, Ms. Unique C.

  4. Isn't it great when they do something like that.