Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coming and Going: ever changing: always the same

This last month has been one of change for our family. Two weeks ago on Saturday- Lenny left us. He was with us since the very day we got our foster license.

The following Monday Mr6 and MrT3 joined our home. Last Tuesday our Miss14 went back home.
Christmas has come and gone and the new year is upon us! I look forward to seeing our little family bond with the new additions while we mourn the loss of those gone home.

For the children that remain in the home I find it helpful to not change a bit of routine. Things need to be the same. The children that aren't going anywhere, including my son Michael, need to feel just as safe as the new ones coming in.

Routine makes toddlers and young children feel safe. We still eat at the same time, put our clothes in the same place, shower before bed, lotion up, and go to church on Sundays. The list could go on with things that are important. Rules also need to stay intact and the new children will quickly catch on when seeing the others do what is expected. What things are important to you and your routine?


  1. Bedtime Bible stories, songs, verse, prayer, and kisses...

  2. :) I love your blog! My husband and I are in the process of being licensed now!

  3. 1. Keep your faith.
    2. Believe in yourself.
    3. Do your best.
    4. Never give up.

    Team - Together Everyone Achieves More

    These are what we go by in our home.
    Be blessed, Ms. Unique C.

  4. I am following your blog from swap-bot... You are doing an amazing thing. I need to be better about routine especially timing... Certain days we have a routine better than others... Wednesday is our homeschool co-op so we are good with sticking to the rountine but other days not so much... ~unvlmom~